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Feb 15, 2019

George Henderson is a professor at the University of Oklahoma, civil rights activist, and founder of OU's Human Relations program. He told us the story of his life in Oklahoma from unknowingly accepting a job in a sundown town, to founding the university's Human Relations program, and his hopes for the future.

Jan 25, 2019

Oklahoma author Kim Ventrella talked to us about her upcoming book, Bone Hollow, along with other projects she's been working on.

Jan 20, 2019

This episode looks at the Metropolitan Library System's annual Friends of the Library Book Sale.

Jan 15, 2019

In part 2 of our exploration of Oklahoma politics we talked with Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt and Village Mayor Sonny Wilkinson about what it's like being the mayor of a city in the state of Oklahoma. 

Dec 15, 2018

Ever wonder what it takes to run for public office in Oklahoma? In part one of our two-part series about politics in Oklahoma we talked to one candidate running for Congress, one running for State House of Representatives, and one from the Oklahoma State Election Board to find out what it takes to run for office, and...